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LIVELIHOOD AND REBUILDING - Relief Aid Given Directly to Typhoon Victims by OHFH Volunteers

December 23, 2013  - Sta. Cruz, Camotes Is. - Relief Bags, Livelihood & Nokero Solar Lights 
One of the most impoverished sitio in Camotes Island, the people of Sta. Cruz tried to rebuild their homes by installing tarp as roof. One Heart For Hope provided vegetable seeds for livelihood and source of proper nutrition, Nokero solar lamps for light at night, and a bag of relief goods that include tarp with ropes, toiletries, canned goods, and rice. OHFH scholar, Reil Nudalo joined the distribution of goods.
December 23, 2013  - Christmas Feeding Program for Typhoon Yolanda Survivors  
OHFH reached out to 170 individuals this Christmas season with meals, toys and games. Held at Tent City in Pasay for the displaced Yolanda typhoon survivors where hundreds of survivors have been transported via C130 cargo planes. Headed by Ms. Laiza Brazal and joined by eight One Heart for Hope’s high school scholars from Sta. Lucia High School in Pasig City. Also joined the effort are the School Governing Council President and its members of the school and DSWD.  
December 10, 2013  - Sitio Calubian, Tacloban: Relief Operation and Gift-Giving 
One Heart for Hope joined by the Philippine Army visited the affected families of Sitio Calubian in Tacloban to bring basic necessities such as tarp with ropes for temporary roof, canned goods, toiletries, rice and other goodies directly to the victims of Yolanda. Big thank you to Doc. Johan Padua Chuaunsu and the students of Poveda who donated stuffed toys and tooth brushes to the children. With each toy are special and inspiring messages written by each student to lift the spirits of the young victims. We are proud of the students of Poveda who shared their most precious belongings to those who are in need. Just look at the smiles each of you gave to these survivors. Thank you!
December 7, 2013  - Sitio Kataisan, Tacloban: Relief Giving
As featured on Dec. 8 “GMA Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” as the Philippine Army assisted Noel Galang in our relief distribution effort. Our goal is to bring both immediate and long-term aid directly to the victims. We directly deliver to remote and most desperate areas with the Philippine Army as escorts for the safety of the volunteers and the relief goods as well. We made sure that every piece of relief donated by each of you are handed directly to the victims. The people of Sitio Kataisan in Brgy. 88 are very grateful for your gifts of hope.
November 21, 2013  - The Gift of Light: Guiuan, Samar
An illuminating moment for these families for the gifts of solar powered lights. One Heart for Hope distributed bright, ultra-compact solar-powered lighting to flood victims in Guiuan, Samar. 
Super typhoon Yolanda first made its landfall in Guiuan, Samar which turned into a terrifying wasteland. Its isolated location went for days without food, water, electricity and emergency aid.
November 18, 2013  - Medical Mission: Camanga, Salcedo, Guiuan, Samar
“A CALL TO GIVE” – Saving Lives and Healing the Injured – Camanga, Salcedo, Guiuan, Samar
When people come together with a common goal of saving lives and healing the injured, amazing things happen. One Heart For Hope, Operation Blessing Team, Dr. Roel Cagape, Dr. Tiger Garrido, Dr. Deo Del Rosario, Engr. Esteban Sabulao Jr. and family, Alphaland, Delta Airlines, US Medical Team of John, Jeff, and James, San Antonio Rescue Team, Philippine Military Escorts, Camanga Barangay Health Workers, Brgy. Captain of Camanga, Nina of Phil. Daily Inquirer, and the beautiful people of Camanga, Salcedo, and Guiuan, Samar – Thank you!
December 11, 2013  -Gift of Light: Ormoc, Leyte
For the victims of Yolanda, nothing would be more precious than a gift of light that the whole family can share this Christmas. For several weeks, these families do not have any source of lighting at night. They used to rely on kerosene lamps and candles but these are not even available after the disaster. 72 families received clean and safe solar-powered lights in the areas of Guiuan, Tacloban and Ormoc personally handed by Noel Galang. 480 more to be distributed in the surrounding islands before Christmas. Big thanks also to CS Cebu volunteers who made this trip possible.
December 25, 2013  -Christmas Day Gift-Giving : Gigantes Island, Northern Iloilo
Christmas spent in Estancia, No. Iloilo, then to the distant islands of Gigantes. More than a hundred people perished here and the waters surrounding Estancia became a ship/boat graveyard.
What could've been a regular relief distribution became an unfortunate situation, volunteers were stranded in the islands for Christmas. It turned out it became one of the best Christmas they ever had. More than 200 families in Gigantes Norte received gifts of trapal (tarp for temporary roof/wall) with ropes, toiletries like soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and alcohol, and other goodies like rice, face towel, clothes, biscuits, candies, and canned goods, all packed in one Eco-friendly bag. Not to be outdone, we lined up the children to receive their Christmas treats of imported candies and toothbrush (to remind them to clean their teeth after having candies).
One Heart For Hope visited the islands of Cabugao Gamay, Antonia Island, and Brgy. Lantangan in Gigantes Sur to distribute more Christmas gifts and Nokero solar lights. It will be a bright and cheerful Christmas for our "kababayans."
January 5, 2014  - Soles4Soles and Fishing Boats Giving - Tulang Diyot Island, Camotes Island, Cebu
Fishing boats ("barotos") for livelihood assistance given to ten (10) families at Tulang Diyot island in Camotes, northern Cebu, recently battered by typhoon Yolanda. All houses were destroyed but the island’s entire population survived. With their houses damaged and livelihood affected, these boats will serve as fresh start for these poor families to earn a living, catch fish for food, and for transportation from the island to the mainland. Board members and volunteers from US visited the island to hand these fishing boats personally to the families. School supplies, flip flops, Skechers clogs from Soles4Soles, toys, lunch, snacks, Fuji apples (from RJ Garcia AppleDrive), music instruments, games and prizes were also given that day to over 300 children.
More than 1,000 people on a tiny island of Tulang Diyot - between Cebu and Leyte survived the onslaught of super typhoon Yolanda because they evacuated before the storm hit, according to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR).
February 4 2014  - The Gift of Light Continues at Basey Poblacion, Samar
​One of the towns badly hit by typhoon Yolanda was Basey Poblacion, Samar. With 90% of homes destroyed and with approx. 600 casualties, Basey, Samar is begging for help. One Heart For Hope visited the poblacion to give the gift of light through partnership with Nokero. These solar-powered lights provide three to six hours of bright light with each full charge. 
Noel Galang, Director of Operations, visited the families living in tents whose houses were totally washed out by the storm surge. Darkness into the night becomes an isolating threat for these families and these solar bulbs will lighten their tents and shanties, and a brighter hope that life will be better. The smiles on their faces showed how grateful these people are.
February 13, 2014  - Havaianas for Valentines at Ocdol Elem. School- Basey, Samar
​The rain did not dampen our spirits in giving the students of Simeon Ocdol High School in Basey, Samar, a meaningful Valentines. On Feb. 13, around 400 students, faculty and staff, received their new pair of slippers donated by Havaianas, Phils. All these kind people have suffered so much due to typhoon Yolanda. In fact, one student was a casualty. They deserve a great sturdy slippers from Havaianas.
February 14, 2014  - OHFH Brings Love & Compassion on Valentines Day in Palo, Leyte
​Palo was one of those town that was hardly hit by Yolanda. This Valentines, One Heart for Hope prepared something "lovely" for 450 students of Guindapunan Elementary School. Dedicated volunteers flew from Manila, including Rj Garcia with his Valentine Appledrive Project, YouTube sensation Mikey Bustos who gave an exciting fun-filled mini concert, US volunteers David and Danelle, and Nuj Razon and Leianne Razon. Also present were Sheila Magtira Jacinto and Gina Lumauig from Manila, and members from Quota International Cebu, Phil Army and Air Force troops and PTV4 to capture the event.
We were blessed with a great warm weather. The children went home with juicy apples, hygiene kits and Havaianas! It was a Valentine we will never forget.

February 19, 2014  -Nokero & Havaianas for the children of Tubabao Is., Eastern Samar 
After the Palo and Basey distribution, One Heart For Hope visited Brgy. San Pedro to share the spirit of Valentines. Around 200 students, both elementary and high school received a new pair of Havaianas slippers. Nokero lamps were also distributed in this powerless community. 
The island of Tubabao is one of those sitios who has been neglected from relief aid distribution channels because of its remoteness. It was heartbreaking to see the living conditions of these families but yet, these people here are living harmoniously by helping each other. Typhoon Yolanda made its first landfall in Guiuan, Samar. This was taken 100 days after the storm.
December 25, 2013  - Gift of Light - Brgy. Lantangan, Gigantes, No. Iloilo
​In Brgy. Lantangan, Gigantes Norte Island, north of Iloilo, people did not spend Christmas and New Year in the dark anymore. Since the onslaught of typhoon Yolanda, people here are spending their nights in the dark with their roofless homes or huts and to some, totally wrecked houses. One Heart For Hope distributed Nokero Solar lights. This tiny solar-powered bulb can illuminate a small shack enough for kids to eat meals properly and do chores at night. It was very fulfilling to see the people's faces brighten up knowing they will have a light at night from now on. These eliminate the use of dangerous kerosene that emits uneven light, harmful fumes, and the dangers of fire. OHFH continues to alleviate the sufferings of our countrymen affected by Yolanda. 
One Heart for Hope served emergency relief aid to over 3,000 families and over 6,000 children in 35 locations, focusing in the hard to reach areas where relief is scarce and basis necessities are very limited.  OHFH continues its relief efforts with its livelihood projects, solar lights and helping rebuild schools. 
February 24, 2014 - Havaianas Gift-Giving and Boat Turn-Over - Malapascua Island
More than 400 hundred students and faculty members of Logon National High School were surprised and delighted when One Heart For Hope, together with representatives of Havaianas Cebu, volunteers from Quota International of Cebu, Couchsurfing Cebu joined forces to distribute Havaianas flip plops, hygiene kits and chocolates. The next day, barotos were distributed to 3 families as a means of livelihood. One Heart for Hope has committed to personally hand over relief goods and fishing boats to communities affected by typhoon Yolanda.
March 1, 2014 - Illuminating Carnaza Island
Carnaza Island is at the northernmost of Cebu. It takes 3.5 hours in rough seas from Malapascua Island to reach this isolated but beautiful island with equally beautiful people. They have been living without electricity ever since Yolanda. A gift of Nokero solar light can now illuminate their homes at night for 6 continuous hours.  Thanks to our friends at Nokero!​ Your gift of light is a gift of hope to these families.
March 3, 2014 - A Gift of HOPE - Fishing Boats for Gibitngil Island
OHFH Livelihood Project continues for the communities affected by typhoon Yolanda. Seven (7) more fishing boats (barotos) were turned over to families in Gibitngil Island in Medellin, Cebu. This effort will enable these families to be self-reliant and to rise up against the effect of the destruction of their houses and boats. We thank our donors, the baroto carpenters, volunteers and hosts. These fishing boats were given to families whose only source of income is fishing but have no means to acquire their own fishing boats. Thank you for helping these families rebuild their lives.
March 24, 2014 - Havaianas for 600 Students in Maribut, Samar
In partners with Havaianas Philippines and Soles4Souls US, brought cheers and hope to 600 students of Marabut National High School. Marabut, Samar was one of the most badly hit by typhoon Yolanda. Four months after the deluge, this beautiful and scenic town have not yet recovered from the destruction. Thanks for the continuing support of Havaianas Philippines!
February 13, 2014 - OHFH Continues to Give Back in Basey, Samar
Morning of February 13, advanced Valentines’ celebration was held San Antonio Elementary in Basey Samar. More than a hundred perished here due to storm surge brought by typhoon Yolanda. Of the 560 students, there were 6 casualties. To alleviate their trauma, One Heart For Hope, shared some goodies for these children. Toiletries donated by Quota International Cebu and apples distributed from Appledrive Project.
April 1, 2014 - Gift of Light for Jinamoc Island - Basey, Samar
Carnaza Island is at the northernmost of Cebu. It takes 3.5 hours in rough seas from Malapascua Island to reach this isolated but beautiful island with equally beautiful people. They have been living without electricity ever since Yolanda. A gift of Nokero solar light can now illuminate their homes at night for 6 continuous hours.  Thanks to our friends at Nokero!​ Your gift of light is a gift of hope to these families.
May 28, 2014 - OHFH Repairs School in Bantayan for School Opening
OHFH, together with Rotary Club of Horwich UK, initiated a project of repairing damaged classrooms by providing labor and materials for completion before school year starts in June. Just in time for the school opening, we witnessed how glad the students, parents and the faculty on the newly repaired school. To share more blessings to this impoverished island devastated by typhoon Haiyan, we distributed school supplies, clothings, hygiene supplies and sporting goods to the students. Donations of relief goods from our generous donors from Luxottica NY were distributed to these children and their families. This relief effort was headed by John Lewis, OHFH Ambassador of Hope (US) and Lisa Lewis of Luxottica. THANK YOU!
April 11, 2014 - Lighting Up Pulopina Island, Concepcion, Iloilo
One Heart for Hope visited the island of Pan de Azucar and Pulopina to distribute the much-needed solar lamps to these people. With no electricity, the only choice these people have are generators. But this is only for those who can afford it. The use of kerosene lamp as an alternative has become costly for these people whose livelihood were taken away by Yolanda.
Now there is a glimmer of hope. Residents in this island town received Nokero solar-powered lamps to ease the hardships of having no electricity. We prioritize giving to families who have children to alleviate their suffering of not having a light at night.
April 10, 2014 - Jinamoc and Marabut - Fishermens Who Were Left Behind
 Four months on, the fisherpeople in remote areas such as the island of Jinamoc and Marabut are being left out of the huge recovery efforts. One Heart For Hope with its on-going relief efforts reached out to these victims of typhoon Yolanda by providing livelihood for some of the families displaced, severely affected and left out from relief aid efforts. Fishing boats or “baloto” were given as a surprise to the fishers so they can earn their living again. Thanks to our boat donors who gave hope to these families. 
April 18, 2014 - Havaianas for 600 Students of Concepcion, Iloilo
Typhoon Yolanda made a fifth landfall in the town of Concepcion, Iloilo, destroying everything on its path. The island of Pan de Azucar was not spared. The students of Tambaliza National High School and F. Arlos Memorial School were chosen by One Heart For Hope to be its beneficiaries of the gift-giving. This project is in partnership with Havaianas Philippines and Soles4Souls, Inc. US. Almost six hundred students went home with a new pair of slippers.
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June 10, 2014 - Tugas Elementary School Gift-Giving
The students of Tugas Elementary School in Madridejos, Bantayan Island, Cebu have plenty to smile about. 380 students were treated with overflowing blessings from One Heart For Hope and its giving partner, Soles4Souls. Brand new shoes and schools supplies were distributed in time for the school opening. Distribution is part of OHFH’s ongoing relief effort to remote areas with where there is shortage of relief supplies after the destructive typhoon Haiyan ravaged their island. All school supplies were donated by giving partner, Quota International of Cebu. A big thank you also to Angelica Eads of Chicago, Illinois for her huge support for this project. Havaianas flip plops and Hello Kitty blankets were also given away to Day Care pupils.
June 15, 2014 - Giving Back to Children of Bantayan
Seven months after typhoon Haiyan, OHFH continues its relief aid to hundreds of elementary, pre-school children and high-school students in Bantayan Island near Cebu. Thank you to Quicksilver, Souls4Soles and donors, the children of Hilantagaan Island, Sitio Dakong Baybay, Sitio Natas-An, Oboob and Bantayan were treated with clothings and shoes from Soles4Soles and Quiksilver surf apparels, including Roxy and DC brands.
July 30, 2014 - Botlog Daku Island, Concepcion, Iloilo - Solar Light and Gift Giving 
There was a festive atmosphere when One Heart for Hope arrived in this tiny impoverished island called Botlog Dako in Concepcion, Iloilo. The weather was gloomy and rain would fall erratically throughout the day. The people here, who has been suffering from lack of electricity even before typhoon Yolanda destroyed their houses and livelihood, were all excited about the gifts they are about to receive. There were 72 families here who received solar lights. The rest of the families and most of the children brought home new clothes from Quiksilver and Roxy. Regardless of the rain and huge waves, Noel Galang and the volunteers were able to accomplish our mission here. Thank you to Miles Banias and D-light for your kind hearts and the gift of light.
August 15, 2014 - A Gift of Hope - Fishing Boats for Malapascua Island
One Heart for Hope’s ongoing gift of livelihood were given to the poor families affected by typhoon Yolanda in Malapascua Island. Ten (10) families now have a chance to live a better life and be self-sufficient. Many thanks to our donors, Quota International Paranaque, California Mobile X-Ray, members of the group MBA-TEP 2, Ferdie, Karl T., Deanna Vu, Christy Ho and Nancy Tapaoan, and Miss Thess Alcantara. Thank you for your gift of HOPE. 
One Heart for Hope’s livelihood program will continue through the end of the year. Fishing boats (barotos) will be given to poor families which also include 10 packets of assorted vegetable seeds for year-round produce. 
December 24, 2014 - One Year After Yolanda "Haiyan" - 53 more Fishing Boats Given to Families in Eastern Visayas
Thank you Pusong Pinoy and Ruthless eJuice! One Year after Yolanda (Haiyan), OHFH continues to help and support struggling families to recover. In collaboration with our giving partner, Pusong Pinoy and Ruthless eJuice, 53 fishing boats were distributed in Camotes Island, Tulang Diyot and Malapascua Is.  53 families from Island of Camotes and Malapascua received the best gift they could have last Christmas 2014, a new baroto for livelihood assistance. As part of its relief aid collaboration with Pusong Pinoy, our volunteers made sure these boats were ready for Christmas. Despite the rain, the weather did not hamper us from spreading joy to our poor countrymen who were once devastated by typhoon Yolanda. OHFH's giving partner, Pusong Pinoy is based in So. California whose primary focus is to promote literacy through reading. PP also helps marginalized children in the areas of education, health care, feeding program, and basic necessities. Similar to OHFH’s mission, PP also provide typhoon relief aid to severely affected families in the remote areas of the Philippines. Thank you PP and Ruthless eJuice for empowering 50 fishermen to feed themselves, regain their livelihood and support their families.
December 27, 2015 -  Two Years After Haiyan - More Fishing Boats for San Isidro, Leyte
It's been two years since typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), the strongest ever in recorded history, devastated the country. One Heart For Hope untiringly provided relief goods and hundreds of barotos (fishing boats) as livelihood assistance to those affected. To commemorate the two years since the disaster, One Heart For Hope heeded the call from the people of San Isidro, Leyte for more donations of baroto for livelihood. There were many candidates but only chose the poorest of the poor. Solar lamps were also distributed to those who do not have electricity in their homes. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of the members of "Friends of One Heart for Hope" and all the donors who continue to support our livelihood effort to change and uplift lives.
July 19, 2016 -  Fisherfolk Families in Carnaza Is. Receive More Fishing Boats
Another batch of 10 barotos were distributed in the fishing island of Carnaza. A gift with a long term impact for these families as these are their only source of income. Another worthy project of One Heart for Hope for sustainable livelihood in the poorest coastal communities.  Thanks to Janie and Chinggay for helping out with the distribution, to all the donors and "Friends of One Heart for Hope" for your continuing support of OHFH livelihood projects.