To provide essential needs that every child deserves and to help provide a safe environment where they can learn, grow, and achieve. We believe every child's life is precious and deserves the same potential and opportunity as any other life. 
Not only provide the basic necessities of life- food, clothing, and shelter - but also to help restore their sense of self worth through education.  We begin where they hurt, identify their needs, listen to their interests, and help encourage them to learn and strive for a brighter future. 

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Deworming and Vitamin A Supplementation for Children and Toddlers -
Deworming for Health and Development Project (DHD), which will be carried out in cooperation with Dr. Luis T. Chan Jr. M.D., F.P.P.S.  This project which will commence in early July will be administered by Dr. Luis Chan Jr. and his staff to children in Payatas and its surrounding areas where worm infections are endemic .  Intestinal worms can lead to poor health and poor nutrition, and are detrimental to children's overall health, their cognitive development, their education and their futures. Chronic illness caused by worm infections reduces literacy and thus adult productivity. Deworming medication will be given to all children less than 5 years old.  We will record the date for giving deworming medication and will monitor and follow up with a routine deworming based on their age and body weight. Research has shown that regular deworming can substantially increase school attendance and significantly improve a child's ability to learn in school. We will also conduct prevention awareness campaign to the parents to increase community health awareness and prevention.  For long-term sustainability, we will continue to find ways on providing them access to safe water and sanitation and improved hygiene behavior through health education.  

OHFH Resource/Learning Center -
A resource/learning center that will serve underprivileged children or the “street kids" tutoring services.  Modules of all levels will be available to serve any child who wants to learn the basic reading, writing and arithmetic and various activities like art, computer, basic science and music, as well as advanced subjects that require improvements for these children.  Our goal is to provide a school friendly atmosphere to motivate them to learn. We are in the process of seeking a facility in the poorest areas of the suburbs of Manila to serve these children.  Computers, printers and audio visual equipment will be installed with two teachers who will serve the children that will visit the facility.  This facility will be open to anyone who has the interest to learn and we will provide incentives so that these children will come back to learn more.  We will give priority to the homeless street children for the use of this facilily.

Sponsored Pre-School Program -
The care and education children receive in their earliest years affects the rest of their lives. Access to effective pre-school gives children a better chance of escaping poverty and overcoming its disadvantages. 25 of the most at-risk and vulnerable children from impoverished communities of Southern Philippines with limited or no access to education will receive a full year of an education program designed to prepare them for public school system. Southern Philippines, which suffers the most due to location, no access to government and private aid, is so far behind in education. Malnutrition and ill health is the "silent emergency" in education, which we need to address as well. Through assistance from partner organizations, they will receive a daily nutritious meal and snack. We will also provide their school uniforms and all school supplies needed for the entire school year. In addition to spiritual counseling, the children will receive medical checks including de-worming, immunization checks, and personal and dental hygiene lessons while attending our pre-school. 

Scholarship and Education Assistance Program -
One Heart for Hope Scholarship Program shall offer full and partial scholarships for elementary, high school, and college education students who will be future teachers. The Foundation will provide assistance to deserving children from the very poor slums and barrios, where basic education is no longer affordable and college is a rare opportunity.  

Libraries in Remote Provinces -Library facilities to areas with no access to books and other educational materials. The library facilities will have picture books, reference books, educational modules for elementary, computers, tutorial classes in writing, arithmetic, English, science, and hands-on computer literacy.  Library facilities will also serve as livelihood training for adults during weekends.  

Campaign Against Illiteracy Program - 
In continuing our mission to provide education to the least, the last and the lost, we plan to begin our “Campaign Against Illiteracy Program” to the ethnic or indigenous people of the Philippines who are among the most poor and isolated and have no access to basic education, food, clothing and shelter. We will start in the mountains of Porac, Pampanga for the Aetas and extend help in Subic and other provinces of Zambales, as well as the villages of Mountain Province for the Igorots in Northern Luzon.

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Vocational Program for Teenage Street Kids "Second Chance Program" -
For those who where denied opportunities for education earlier in their lives, temporary evening shelters will be set up to rescue at-risk teenagers while providing a safe environment where they can learn vocational skills. At risk teenagers roaming the streets have a difficult time with basic academics and usually have very little interest and lack self-confidence. This program is designed to provide vocational training in carpentry, agriculture, forestry, computer literacy, electronics, automotives, etc. in the evenings, 5 days a week for the first year and renewable each year for five years. Once trained, they will be assisted in finding daytime jobs while they continue to learn advance vocational skills in the evenings through our sponsorship program. We are happy to share with you that we will provide scholarships to another 7 deserving students this upcoming school year.

Give Light, Improve Life
In collaboration with D. Light Design, an international consumer products company based in the US,  AsiaConnect, Inc., a full service sales and marketing solutions company creating bridges for great ideas, and Nokero, manufacturer and distributor of bright solar bulbs, we were able to implement “Give Light, Improve Life.” 
This campaign will promote cleaner environment, improve lives of families, improve learning environments for children through solar lighting in remote areas with no access to electricity.